How to Survive the Charting Learning Curve

Charting with confidence: Charting with Jess: How to survive the charting learning curve

You just started charting your cycles and you’re so confused, you’re having a freak out because you’re not sure how this is supposed to prevent you from falling pregnant. You’ve just been swamped with all this information – take your temperature, what type of cervical mucus do you have, and you can’t work out how to use the damn app you just downloaded!

Sound familiar?

As a Fertility Awareness Instructor, I often hear people they say they want to learn to chart but it feels like too much work or they begin to chart, and the learning process becomes overwhelming.

Trust me, I have been there too because when I started, I didn’t have anyone to hold my hand through the process even though I wish I did!

But here are a few things you can do to survive the charting learning curve…


This is the most important part about learning the Fertility Awareness Method because it takes time to learn your body. The length of time is so varied because it can come down to if you were previously on hormonal birth control, how long you were on it and the type of birth control you were on. So, give it time and don’t give up if it doesn’t instantly make sense to you.

Ensure your Partner is Onboard

Having the conversation first is a great start to introducing your partner to FAM. Most instructors allow your partner to be present in the learning sessions as it’s important for your partner to understand your cycle and know what it means when you are infertile vs fertile. It also ensures you are both on the same page and are on the same intention scale on falling pregnant and what are the choices you will make together

Take a Month Off

If you are currently sexually active and wanting to learn FAM, consider taking a month off sexual activity to learn your body’s language without the confusion of other fluids and the pressure of what if you make an oopsie and fall pregnant

Find the Right Fit

FAM is a huge umbrella for various methods that can be used and taught. Some people want temperature only method and some want cervical fluid method and others want every possible biomarker including hormonal monitors. I teach the Sympto-Thermal Method which is the double-check method and includes both temperature and cervical fluid. I do include cervix height and ovulation test strips as optional. Choosing the right combination of biomarkers to measure is key to making charting easy and giving you confidence.

Find the Right Support

Learn from an instructor if you can. There are many support groups on social media for FAM but there is nothing like having someone hold your hard with you on the journey. A FAM instructor is someone who will know your background, history and any medical conditions to be able to guide you through the journey.

A FAM Instructor should be able to give you quick, reliable and helpful guidance on any charting questions. If you’re wondering whether you had a fertile sign or not that day you can always check with your instructor and once you’ve established your individual patterns you can make better decisions.

Engaging a Fertility Awareness Instructor is a sure-fire way to not just survive the charting learning curve, but totally thrive with a 100% natural birth-control method that helps you reclaim your body, and your connection to it.

So, here is my invitation to YOU…

If you’ve been wanting to REALLY learn the Fertility Awareness Method in-depth so you can break away from fake hormones and live in your natural cycle with a sense of connection book Charting with Clarity call with me

It’s finally time!

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