How I Quit Hormonal Birth Control and DIDN’T get pregnant!

Today I thought I would share my personal story of how I quit hormonal birth control, didn’t get pregnant: Charting With Jess

Today I thought I would share my personal story of how I quit hormonal birth control, didn’t get pregnant and have successfully been using this method for 3 years.

It all started on a weekend in April 2016 when I was relaxing in bed scrolling through social media (as we all do) and came across Nicole Jardim who is known as The Period Girl and is a woman’s health coach. She ran a three-part video series talking about painful periods and all the nasty side effects. At the time I was taking a contraceptive pill called Norimin. I never had any side effects whilst on the pill, but I just knew it wasn’t right to take it. It just felt wrong that I was putting nasty synthetic chemicals into my body.

After watching Nicole’s videos, she mentioned the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) and how this was a natural way to chart your cycle and you can use it as natural birth control! I was obsessed and the rest of my afternoon (and many more days and nights) were spent researching and reading about the method.

I could not believe my eyes!!

I joined a Facebook book group called “Fertility Awareness Method of Birth Control” and began to read the group files which contained information on how to start charting. I rushed out to the chemist and bought myself a basal body thermometer and my FAM journey began.

Not long after stopping the pill I realized how much my mental health improved and that I actually did not have a libido! Well let me tell you, ladies — now I know what a REAL libido feels like and I feel so much more connected to my body and can regulate my emotions.

I soon learned that the pill takes over the pituitary gland which is the control centre attached to the brain that sends signals out to the body and controls the menstrual cycle. When you take hormonal contraception such as the pill, it shuts off the pituitary gland because the synthetic chemical is ingested and released and it begins to control the pituitary gland by shutting it down!

It’s been 3 years since I began charting and now, I can confirm once I’ve ovulated and know exactly when I can have unprotected sex and NOT fall pregnant.

I also know exactly when my period is going to arrive so I can always be prepared, I know that everything is in perfect order and I know exactly when my period is arriving (no more stressing why my period is late).

When I started I didn’t have anyone to help me, guide me and hold my hand. This is why I’m passionate about helping women on there FAM journey and want to give the support I never had.

Are you ready to explore a natural but equally effective birth control alternative?

Because I’d love for you to experience the same!

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