Teaching People How to Chart Their Cycles With Confidence

Ditch hormonal birth control for good & feel good in the skin you’re in

Ready to learn the magic behind the Fertility Awareness Method?

To be clear: Despite what you may have heard, no witchcraft is involved in FAM 😉. It’s pure science, baby. Proven, tested, trusted science.

The MAGIC lies in the fact that it’s a birth control method centred entirely around following your body’s natural rhythm.

It is a method to help you identify your fertile window – or the time in your cycle when conception is possible. This means that you can avoid pregnancy with no adverse side effects 🤯 only a deep connection with your cycle and safe, reliable contraception (99% effective, btw.)

Sound too good to be true? I can guarantee you it’s not! This is not your grand-mothers rhythm method.

With Fertility Awareness, contraception is in your own hands. You are the only one who gets a say in what happens with your body and birth control.

After all, with FAM, your body IS your birth control.

Charting With Jess: Learn to chart your cycle with FAM

It's time to put your body & your wellness first. You ready?

Hey! I'm Jess Dzierbicki


Certified Sympto-Thermal Method Instructor and Fertility Awareness fan girl since 2016.

I teach women how to chart their menstrual cycles as a natural method of contraception so they can quit hormonal birth control for good.

When I started down the path of FAM, it seemed impossible to find a reliable and consistent source of advice & insights. The information was all over the place, and finding someone to turn to for support felt impossible.

Eventually, when I managed to decipher the research and realise all the lies I’d been told about my own body and just how much those synthetic hormones were impacting it… anxiety, depression, lower libido… I was pissed. I was dumbfounded. I was determined.

Determined to make it MUCH easier for the next woman to educate herself and find support in transitioning to a natural, hormone-free method of birth control.

And so here we are.

Certified Fertility Awareness Instructor with the Natural Family Planning Teachers Association of the United Kingdom.

The Charting With Confidence Group Course

Love the idea of learning the A-Zs of
FAM alongside other women doing the same?

Charting With Confidence is the place for you.

60-min Chart Review

Already charting but have some lingering questions you’d like answered? I’d love to help!

Bring your chart and get your questions answered in a single session!

Learn To Chart
1:1 Private Instruction

Like having a Certified FAM instructor in your pocket, 1:1 support will guide you through everything – from how to set up and read your chart to how to have the tough conversations
(and oh so much more.)

why i do what i do...

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