3 Myths you hear from Medical Professionals BUSTED

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3 Myths BUSTED you hear from Medical Professionals on the Fertility Awareness Method.


1. It’s the Rhythm Method!

How often have you heard that a menstrual cycle should be 28 days and that ovulation usually occurs on day 14? This is a huge myth!

It’s very sad that the medical professionals still go by this method and it’s responsible for so many unplanned pregnancies and induced labours. The Rhythm Method, which falsely assumes that a woman consistently over time, has a 28-day cycle. This is nothing more than a flawed statistical prediction using a mathematical formula based on the average of past cycles to predict future fertility. The Rhythm Method is now classified as unreliable because it doesn’t involve observing fertility signs on a day-to-day basis, so that it doesn’t account for early or later than expected ovulation.

In reality, cycles can vary among women and often within each woman herself. A normal cycle length is generally between 21 to 35 days. This myth can affect a woman in various ways as it did to me when I first started to track my cycle, I noticed it was always around the 32-day mark. I thought there was something seriously wrong with my body and me! I took my charts to the doctor and thankfully she was kind enough to assure me there was nothing wrong and it’s normal to have shorter or longer cycles.

So why do the medical professionals still think you are using the Rhythm Method? The truth is, unfortunately, the medical industry is not evolving and doctors are not constantly updating themselves with the new information and studies.

Next time your doctor isn’t on board with you using FAM, don’t take it personally. If it really bothers you I would find another doctor that is aware of FAM and can support you.

2. You will fall pregnant!

Have you told your doctor you are using FAM for them to only turn around and tell you that you will fall pregnant? I know because I almost got into a heated argument with a doctor because he refused to believe that FAM was successful, even though I had already been using the method successfully for 1.5 years at the time!

It’s because medical professionals still believe you are using the Rhythm Method and are not aware of the new medical research on FAM. I also believe too many women have had an unwanted pregnancy using the Rhythm Method, which has given it a bad reputation.

The Fertility Awareness Method has an effectiveness of 99.6% with perfect use that can be reached when learned to work closely with a FAM instructor.

Comment below if you have had a bad experience with a doctor shutting you down for using FAM or maybe you had a positive experience with a doctor that knew about FAM and was supportive in your choice.

3. If you are experiencing painful periods the ONLY option you have is to use some form of medical contraception!

Did your experience go something like this…?

· You arrive at the doctors’ appointment

· You have a list of symptoms in your head you want to tell your doctor (painful periods, passing large blood clots, irregular cycles, swollen breasts, moodiness, irritability around your period)

· You sit down in the chair, the door closes shut, and your doctor asks you “what can I help you with today?”

· You start to tell your doctor the long list of symptoms you have been experiencing

· The doctor takes one look at you and replies with something like “I think birth control is the best option to regulate your cycle”.

Of course, you agree, because it’s a doctor and they are a trusted professional.

So you take an option of either the pill, hormonal IUD, copper IUD, Implanon or the Depo shot.

Before you know it you either start to experience the symptoms again or even a different symptom has popped up or you now want to come off birth control to begin trying for a baby.

Hormonal contraception is only a Band-Aid to mask symptoms!

Once you come off hormonal contraception the symptoms you were experiencing will still be there because they were never addressed from the beginning. You may have even forgot you had those symptoms because you starting taking contraception many years ago when you were a teen.

Your menstrual cycle is known as a fifth vital sign for a woman. If you are using contraception you do not have that fifth vital sign to really know what is going on with your body.

Let’s dive into looking at the alternatives for you, you can book a Charting with Clarity call with me for free using the button below!!

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