25 Benefits to using the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM)

Benefit to using the Fertility Awareness Method: Charting With Jess

I want to share with you the 25 benefits to using the Fertility Awareness Method and charting your cycles

  • It is a healthy method of fertility regulation, as there is no interference with the normal physiology of the menstrual cycle and therefore it protects future fertility
  • It is highly effective and has an efficacy rate of 99.6% when learnt with an instructor
  • It can be used at all stages of a woman’s reproductive life
  • A greater awareness of any gynaecological health and body literacy. When you chart your cycles, you can visible see any hormonal imbalances that could be occurring within your body
  • You will know the exact day your period will arrive so you can be more prepared
  • Knowing exactly when you are infertile and fertile throughout your cycle
  • If you are wanting to fall pregnant you will know the days to time for conception
  • And the opposite to that if you are not wanting to fall pregnant you will know what days to avoid unprotected intercourse
  • You can chart and understand other biomarker symptoms and when they show up in your cycle. Such as breast tenderness, bloating, mood swings, exercise, medication taken
  • Understand hormonal imbalances such as estrogen/progesterone levels, thyroid health, PCOS, endometriosis
  • When transitioning into menopause because it allows you to track if you are still ovulating
  • Identify if you are pregnant BEFORE you are even able to pee on a stick!
  • Identify if you have miscarried
  • Confirm when conception has occurred. This is a great tool to confirm your due date and know this even before you go in for your first scan
  • A great connection to the cycles of the earth through following phases of the moon in relation to your menstrual cycle
  • Cost effective – all you need is to buy a thermometer, which I have a list of recommendations so please let me know if you would like me to send it to you
  • ZERO side effects
  • Non-invasive and definitely no more regular and awkward trips to the doctor to grab another prescription for the pill, get an injection or have your Implanon changed
  • You can do it in the comfort of your own home
  • It is a practice of self-care
  • Once it’s practiced and learnt, it only takes less than 5 minutes per day
  • It is easy to learn and to use. After only three cycles you can confidently undertake self-observation and apply it to regulate your fertility
  • Gives you empowerment and person confidence
  • It improves communication between the couple as both partners agree to share the responsibility to regulate fertility. “Couples find that living with their combined fertility changes their relationship to one of the greater mutual consideration and respect” Reference: Hanna Klaus, ‘is NFP Scientific? Is it effective?’ google natural family planning, Dr Hanna Klaus, Newman Lecture series 1-May21, 2000
  • No more synthetic hormones roaming around your body causing your side effects such as anxiety, depression, loss of libido, hair loss, mood swings and the list could go on.

If you would like to utilise these benefits but not sure where to start, you can book a free 15-minute clarity call to answer any questions you may have on getting started.

I’d love to know if you found these benefits to using Fertility Awareness Method helpful!

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