Private Coaching

Using the Fertility Awareness Method

I would absolutely recommend Jess as an instructor. She is professional in her approach, incredibly friendly and very approachable. I really enjoyed learning with Jess

Mervyn Hanrah Jenkins

I know you are here because you have been suffering for too long on hormonal birth control and have been trying to find answers. You’ve come across the Fertility Awareness Method and you want to stop hormonal birth control, but you’re terrified of falling pregnant and you’re feeling overwhelmed from all the time you are spending on Dr. Google! That’s where I step in with Private Coaching Services to help you!

You know your body just doesn’t feel the same – something doesn’t feel right

Your doctor is telling you that everything is normal – but deep down inside you know it’s not

You know your body the best, so don’t be afraid to listen to it!

By learning the Fertility Awareness Method you can avoid the overwhelm that comes with learning FAM on your own. The Fertility Awareness Method is free from side-effects, natural and is 99.6% effective with perfect use and when learnt with a trained instructor.

I’m Jess Dzierbicki, a certified Sympto-Thermal Method Instructor and completed my training with the Natural Family Planning Teachers Associated of the United Kingdom. I have personally been using the Fertility Awareness Method for 5 years as my choice of birth control. In the beginning I found the information to be all over the place and there wasn’t any person I could turn to for support. Which is why I decided to create my Private Coaching program because I have been exactly where you are right now.

I absolutely love teaching women and menstruators about the physiology of their reproductive system, hormones and menstrual cycle. I believe learning FAM can be tricky, especially because this information has been withheld from us.

Learning this information is incredibly empowering and life changing

I incorporate a wide variety of teaching methods to ensure your confidence is built in using the Fertility Awareness Method, being accessible you and offering support via email and Messenger throughout the course, a learning environment that is interactive, concise and supportive. Every single interaction is held with compassion and understanding.

What’s included?

We will work together for 3 cycles over 3 months and meet once a month via Zoom

Bonus Inclusions

  • ZUnlimited support via email and text message during our time together – I am there for you every step of the way!
  • ZReceive 3 chart review’s - so that you have full clarity and understanding throughout the process

I would love to be a part of your journey!

5 Things you need to know before you start Charting

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