Learn to chart your cycle, Fertility Awareness Method

Intro to Fertility Awareness Method Masterclass

You’ve heard about the Fertility Awareness Method

But how does Fertility Awareness actually work?

Can you really avoid a pregnancy without having to take hormonal birth control ever again!?

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Intro to Fertility Awareness Method Masterclass

We are going to dive deep into how the Fertility Awareness Method works, how effective it is and how you can stop taking your hormonal birth control to start charting your cycles right away.

5 Things you need to know before you start Charting

This eBook has been designed for anyone who is curious about charting or who wants to begin charting their menstrual cycle.

Either way, if you are wanting to fall pregnant or avoid falling pregnant this eBook will give you the 5 most important things, I wish someone told me before I began charting!

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